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Indians Athletics

John Burroughs High School


Indians Athletics

John Burroughs High School

Indians Athletics

John Burroughs High School

John Burroughs High School Boosters GO INDIANS!

Boosters Home.

Welcome to the inaugural online edition of the TeePee Tales.
Please pardon our dust as we will be updating the information frequently for the next few weeks until we get it together; your patience is really appreciated! We will be adding a ‘late breaking news’ section to give you last minute information as it becomes available. At our last meeting we had Julie Grene, JBHS library coordinator present information on all the resources available right here on campus as well as an exciting opportunity for the students to come to the library during the March 6th late start morning and create a eco-friendly bag using a tee shirt that the student provides!  Sounds like a great way for the students to 'occupy' themselves for the hour and come away with something useful at the same time. 

Our next PTA meeting is coming up on March 10th at 7pm in the staff lounge on the side of the MPR (cafeteria). This will be our annual election meeting.  And, of course, Mr. Urioste will be on hand to report on school issues and to answer any questions that you may have. Hope to see you there!!

Have You Joined Our Tribe?

The John Burroughs P.T.A. membership drive is currently underway. Thank you to those of you who signed up during registration – your membership cards will be sent home in the near future.
If you haven’t signed up yet, or if you know a relative, friend, community business owner or student who isn’t a member yet, please remind them how they can help be a voice for all children with their $5 membership. P.T.A. does many things for the welfare of children at the school, district, state and national levels.
Each year our P.T.A. gives scholarships to several of our senior students. In order to be eligible, seniors must be paid members, so make sure the seniors you know are registered.

The nominating committee presented the following slate of officers for the 2009-2010 school year:

President - Bob Rosen

1st Vice President - John Ladd

2nd Vice President - Janet Moore

3rd Vice President - Linda Rosen

Recording Secretary - Toni Epstein

Financial Secretary - Ilya Mindlin

Treasurer - Jennifer Bauer

Auditor - Annette Fiol

Historian - Blondie Tom

The elections will be held at the March 10th meeting.

Join Us at the PTA Snack Stand

Were you aware the operation of the concession stands during our home football games is the primary fundraiser for JBHS PTA? The profits enable PTA to support the students and the school in many ways, including: scholarships for graduating seniors, assisting students participating in the Close-Up trip to Washington D.C., participating in the Holiday Basket program, assisting students through our welfare fund, replenishing supplies in the disaster container, parent education and other student activities. So next time you’re in the stands enjoying a great football game be sure to stop by for some great, reasonably priced food and friendly service and help support PTA at the same time! This year’s remaining games will be on 10-18, 10-26, and the Burbank Burroughs game on 11-9. Come out and enjoy a fabulous football game, a fantastic half time show and don’t forget to stop by for a bite to eat. We are always looking for volunteers willing to don an apron, roll up their sleeves and help prepare and serve the food during the games. If you would like to join us for an evening of adventure and fun please call Bob Rosen at 843 7465.

Free online tutoring for your students

The Burbank Public Library is pleased to announce that we continue to offer the live, online Homework Help tutoring service for students in 4th – 12th grades and College Intro. Homework Help is an exciting online tutoring service featuring expert tutors from across the country. Students connect to tutors for one-to-one, personal and private homework help sessions. Homework Help is available in Math, Science, Social Studies and English. Bi-lingual service is also available. The service is free for all students.

The tutors are certified teachers and professionals who are experts in their fields. All of the Live Homework Help tutors have received a 7-year criminal background check and reference check from Kroll Background America (students’ credentials are confirmed by their university) and have been certified through the Training Program.

Live Homework Help is available EVERYDAY from 1:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Students can connect to online tutors for free at any Burbank Public Library and remotely from school or home through our library website at:

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